"We began working with Freddie Valdez two years ago to design our vacation home in Breckenridge, Colorado. Our project now is nearing completion and thanks to Freddie we will have our dream home. Freddie was recommended to us to be THE architect to hire for contemporary design. Not only is he the one and only architect to hire in Summit County for contemporary design he is the most talented, responsive architect I have ever worked with. He remains as committed to our project now as he was when we began. Many architects will finish with their work on a project once the plans are finished and the building begins, however Freddie is on the phone with our builder almost daily speaking to him about all of the details of the house. He is a perfectionist and he wants your house to be built exactly as it was drawn and envisioned.

In addition, Freddie is a wonderful collaborator; he listens to his clients, he works to incorporate their desires into his design and he always comes up with fabulous ideas. He has also been extremely helpful in assisting us with the interior design of the house. Whenever I e-mail him and ask about a particular piece of furniture, rug, light fixture or work of art he immediately responds with whatever I am inquire in about drawn into the room for me to see.

Freddie is passionate about modern design and wants to help you build and decorate a beautiful home. I highly recommend Freddie Valdez as THE architect to hire for contemporary design. Our home is beyond what we could have imagined. We will hire Freddie again when we build another home."

-Kim Veber, Rye, NY.

 "We were looking to design and build a non-typical house in the ski town of Breckenridge Colorado.  Surrounded by mountain architecture we wanted a home that was modern but not pretentious.  Our new home also had to be comfortable for our active family of three.  Freddie designed a beautiful contemporary home that was unique but still fit into our mountain neighborhood.  Using traditional mountain finishes with modern forms he gave us a work of art that is also a home."

-Eric Mamula, Breckenridge CO.

"In 2014 we decided to build a new home, we toured some of Valdez Architects previous projects and met on our lot with Freddie.  We were impressed with the firm's professionalism, attention to detail and innovative ideas.  Upon hiring Valdez Architects they moved quickly into the architecture and design process.  Their team worked with us to meld our wants and desires within their suggested designs and guided us smoothly through the planning and town approval process.  We highly recommend Valdez Architects for their commitment to excellence." 

-Kevin and Stacy Shelden, Breckenridge CO.

" I would not hesitate to use Frederico Valdez again or to recommend him to friends and family.  It has been a fun and pleasurable experience building a house with him.  Freddie is a great architect who takes pride in his work and has a knack for modern/contemporary design such as my house.  Freddie went out of his way to make sure my house not only looked great, but was built right.  His knowledge of current building techniques, green construction and the use of advanced architectural design software ensured that my house was properly constructed and that any changes to the design could be clearly visualized before being implemented and the design plans rapidly updated.  Freddie's input was invaluable not only during the design phase, but also during the construction phase." 

-Dan Bartolucci, Denver Colorado

"In today's industry there are Architects who design with passion, and there are Architects who simply design.  There are Architects who work "for" and "with" the client, and there are Architects who are simply employed by the client.  There are Architects who understand the value of meeting deadlines and fulfilling promises, and there are those that do not.  There are Architects who enjoy, understand and appreciate the benefits of collaborative efforts, and there are those who call a Contractor when the plans are "finished". Finally, there are Architects who create one-of-a-kind masterpieces, and there are Architects who are satisfied to replicate what has been done before.  Not only does Freddie and the office of Valdez Architects practice the former of these attributes, but manages to do so while still creating an environment in which all parties are excited to be involved.  Having enjoyed a working relationship with Valdez Architects for nearly a decade, we look forward to every project we are fortunate enough to engage with the Valdez team.  At the same time, we have consistently witnessed clients that are beyond satisfied and appreciative of the services they have received, and have been fortunate to be a part of the life-long friendships with clients that follow the completion of each home."  

- Nick Farkouh, President, Base Building Solutions, Inc. Breckenridge, Colorado.  

"We hired Valdez Architects to design the build-out for a deli commercial space in a new building in Frisco, CO.  Both my wife and I were newcomers to this particular business venture, and it was comforting to have an architect that not only gave us confidence, but one that could adjust to our every changing requirements, and to the vagaries of the planning department's interpretations of codes.  During the process the planning department informed us that they appreciated the knowledge and attention to detail the Valdez firm brought to the table, in comparison to some others they encountered.  Their confidence in Valdez Architects meant fewer hurdles we had to jump through for approval.  Freddie Valdez is personable, dedicated to his profession and loyal to his clients.  We couldn't have asked for more."  

-Tom Parsons and Vickey Swenson, Broomfield, Colorado

"Innovative Energy is a solar and wind power design and installation company working in Summit, Park, Grand, Eagle and Lake Counties since 1992.

Innovative Energy has enjoyed working with Valdez Architects on a number of projects incorporating solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.  All of the personnel we have dealt with at Valdez Architects have expressed a keen desire in learning about the many facets of installing PV in the mountain environment and strive to get it right.  Freddie and his crew have asked and respected our opinion without the arrogance an "know it all" we have observed at some other architectural firms.

In addition to designing with PV in mind, Valdez Architects have shown a desire to incorporate energy efficiency concepts into their designs that will lower the buildings' overall energy demand.

We look forward to working with Valdez Architects in the furture."

-Eric Westerhoff PE., President Innovative Energy